Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cycling Around West Maui

We cycled around West Maui yesterday. 58 miles. 4700 vertical feet. The coastline around the north and east side of this part of the island consists of one deep ravine after the other; thus, the surprising amount of vertical feet climbed. By comparison, this number would be similar to cycling from our house in Salt Lake to the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We drove to Ma'ala'ea, then rode north through Lahaina and Kapalua and on around to Wailuku, then across Maui's central valley and back to Ma'ala'ea.

Mark's go juice

Beautiful Honolua Bay

Stopping for a break near Kapalua

Moloka'i quite visible in the distance.

A steep decline leads into this inlet, and the steepest climb of the entire ride is visible on the other side. It is the most challenging grade I've ever ridden - at least 20% if not more.

I'm pretty sure this sign meant "winding," by it was also very windy. It seemed like the wind came from every direction - off the ocean, down the canyons from the West Maui Mountains, into the ravines that we descended into and climbed out of.
The ocean views were breathtaking. Kahakuloa Head is visible in the distance.

Retired snack shack at Kahakuloa. The lead photo was also taken at Kahakuloa.

One of the ravines past Kahakuloa. You can see the road on the other side, descending down to a one lane bridge.

It is nearly impossible for this iPhone photographer to capture the vibrancy of the greens and yellows we passed along the way. I enhance the pictures and often use filters to try to better convey what we saw.

Kahalui Bay and the shore of east Maui came into view (at long last)

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