Friday, February 19, 2016


Mark enrolled in hospice this morning. His pain and fatigue levels have increased substantially within the last 7-10 days, and his appetite has dropped off. We had always considered, even recently, that hospice was something we could hold at arm's length. Now that it is here, we know we perhaps should have invited it earlier.

It is anticipated at this point that Mark will be with me, with us, for only a few more weeks, perhaps until the end of March. The news is shocking, unanticipated, sobering. and utterly devastating. I am sharing because I know there are many who would like to know. Thank you to all those who hold a special place in your heart for Mark, for us and for what he and I have shared on this wonderful 4-1/2 year-long adventure. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Landscape of Cancer: Where We're At

I've started to write this post a number of times over the past few weeks, but each time I have eventually turned away from it, unable to express ... something.

Mark's cancer continues to progress. He has been experiencing more fatigue, less appetite and more pain, and he is therefore taking more pain medication. His mobility has become much more limited. It has been excruciatingly difficult for him to miss this ski season--the best we've experienced in years--but he worked through that and has come to a place of peace and resignation about it. He spends most of his days reading, drawing and napping. We enjoy an occasional night with friends. Sometimes we go out, but mostly they come here to our house. We're grateful for them and the laughter that fills our house when they're here.

We're also grateful for our children and the happiness, love and laughter they bring. Mark and I are especially proud right now of our 17-year-old son, Nathan, who just earned his high school diploma. There was a time when we were very concerned for him. He had dropped out of regular high school and lacked direction. Eventually, however, he found something that he thought would work for him, and it has. In just six months, he essentially completed three years of high school work. He has awakened to his potential, and it has been a thrill to behold.

As for me, I continue to work away at my memoir and a couple of other writing projects. I started a six-week creative writing class that meets one night a week, and I'm enjoying that. Between my writing, attending to Mark's needs, going to the gym and yoga and spending time with the kids, I am staying plenty busy.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and thoughts. We feel blessed.