Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zicavo and Corte

We are in Corte this morning (Sunday) and will be heading out in a bit for Porto, on the coast.  The last couple of days, we have been cycling into and through the mountainous interior of the island, and we have been amazed at the scenery.  I say amazed because we didn't expect Corsica to be as wooded as it is.

The above picture was taken the day before yesterday as we climbed from the coast into the interior.  The ascent that first morning was a bit of a chore, but I've been fine since then.  I guess I didn't have enough Diet Coke that morning.  The following pictures were taken as we rode higher and further inland.

Just as we were approaching Zicavo, our first overnight spot, I looked down and saw this mountain goat

Zicavo, our destination that first day, is a tiny village that appears to have seen better days.  Like many times that day and since, I almost feel like I am in Italy rather than France.  Corsica seems to be a mixture of the two, with the native Corsican thrown in as well.  It makes for an interesting mixture.

The place where we stayed certainly couldn't compare with our first hotel or with the place here it Corte where we stayed last night, but it was cozy, and the food was good.  The lead picture, above, was taken of the hotel at sunset.  The following picture was of a drawing of the hotel that was hanging in the dining room.

Once we got in, there wasn't much to do except write in our journals and take a walk around the village, avoiding cow piles as we did so.

Our room had doors that opened right onto a terrace

On to Corte

We had a beautiful ride yesterday up and over two high passes through oak and pine forests. Several of us commented about how much the landscape reminded us of California.  It was simply beautiful.

Our ride the first day was around 50 miles, and the ride yesterday was around 63.  Today's will be around 57, I think.  




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  1. Beautiful landscape! And even in Corsica it is five 'o clock :)