Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Friends and New Situations

When we went on our cycling trip to Corsica last year, we met two other couples from Salt Lake. In fact, fully one-third of those in the group were from Salt Lake - eight altogether. One of those couples was Lee and Kathi, pictured above. We had a great time with them while we were on-tour, and as we compared life stories, Kathi and I realized that we both had roots in St. Louis and that her uncle was a Catholic priest who retired in the same diocese in which I grew up.

Once we got back home, life became busy, and we didn't keep in contact with Kathi and Lee - until we ran into them cycling up in Big Cottonwood Canyon in July. They were getting ready to head back to France for another bike tour, and we were getting ready to head to San Francisco, but we promised to get in touch once we were all back. 

About a month ago, we were invited to dinner at Kathi and Lee's place, where we met two other couples, Lance and Craig and Rob and Joni. We had a great time, and it felt wonderful to me to meet new people. A couple of weeks later, we brought the Quads over to see Kathi's Halloween decorations and to meet them as well as their daughter and her two girls. Kathi took these pictures of the kids in front of Boris, their Halloween butler. They had a lot of fun that evening.

Then, this past Sunday evening, Lance and Craig invited us all over for dinner, where we met their two children. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Quads to meet some potential playmates as well as to be introduced to the concept of two gay men raising children. 

Craig sprinkles cheese on Annie's spaghetti

Lance and Craig were wonderful hosts, as were their two children

It's wonderful to make new friends and also wonderful to have the opportunity to expose the children to new situations, new people and new ways of looking at life. Thanks Kathi and Lee and Craig and Lance!

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