Friday, May 2, 2014

Maui: Goodbye for Now

We are now home. Our last few days in Maui were spent on the beach, reading and relaxing. No bike rides. We returned our rented bicycles on Monday and had the rest of that day, as well as Tuesday and most of Wednesday to just relax on the beach, read and spend time with friends.

Thank you again to Troy and Jean-Pierre for helping us get married and for the good times we had during this visit to the island.

As I reflect back on the time we spent on this latest trip to Maui, I ask myself what I felt, what I learned, what I experienced. The first time I went there, two years ago, I was all about soaking up whatever the island offered. I had never been to Hawaii before, and everything was new. I looked each day for something new to write about on my blog. (I was also conscious that Mark and his previous partner had made memories on the island, and that I was the newcomer.)

Last year, when we returned right after Mark's cancer diagnosis, I experienced the tendency to compare that second visit with my first visit (and, obviously, everything was different because of the diagnosis). I learned, during the course of our stay last year, that Maui would offer different experiences during each visit; so I started to look for those experiences - to be open to what the island might offer. 

Again this trip, I did the same thing at first. I was waiting for lessons to come to me. I was even (perversely) anxious about it. I eventually came to realize, however, that this was silly. Instead, I simply needed to accept what each day offered and to be present. 

Yes, this year's trip was different, primarily because of the cycling we did. Over 500 miles of it. As a result, we both learned more about the island. We saw things we had never seen before. Most importantly, we made memories. And, of course, we got married.

My husband

A heart someone had painted onto a huge piece of driftwood on the beach

The day before yesterday, we bid goodbye to Maui, and we arrived back in Salt Lake yesterday morning. It is good to be home. Our older sons picked us up at the airport, and it was wonderful to see them. Today, I pick up the Quads for the weekend. I missed them while we were away, and I'm anxious to see them. As on Maui, I will strive to be present, to make memories, and to enrich the love I share with each one of the children.


  1. Did I read correctly, you have quadruplets?? Wow, I have never known anyone who had quadruplets. May I ask how old they are? How you survived multiple babies all at once? Girls? Boys? How many of each?

    I am glad you had a lovely trip to Maui. I loved your posts about your bike rides. And, the sights you photographed- well, they were astoundingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Hi Duck. I refer to my four youngest children as "the Quads." ;) They consist of my two older adopted children (now 11), our 9-yr-old biological surprise and another adopted daughter, now 7. Since they sort of form their own subset in my family, I refer to them as the Quads. Thanks for your comments on my posts.