Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 2: A Rainy Day in Annecy

Tuesday was a rainy day in Annecy, so instead of going on a bike ride, we went into town (our hotel was located a couple of miles out) and looked around. I had read that Annecy is often called the "Venice of the Alps," and I now understand why: there were canals flowing all throughout the old city. 

A market was set up over bridges and down lanes

Mark and I in front of an Annecy landmark

Our friends Tom and his niece Heather. We met Tom two years ago on our Corsica trip.

Flatbread pizza for lunch. Mine was the "Indian," featuring curried chicken. Yum.

Annecy, too, has a "Lovers' Bridge." 

As we were strolling along the lake front, Heather told us about "lock bridges" that have become a phenomenon in Europe. My daughter, Rachel, had showed me pictures that she took of the one in Paris, while on a recent trip there, that is covered in locks. Heather's boyfriend had recently seen the one in Munich. The story is that a couple puts a lock on the bridge, then throws the key into the river. Tom quietly suggested to me that I go purchase a lock, something I hadn't thought of; but there were no lock stores close by.

Along the lake

View from our hotel window outside Annecy

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