Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Our main reason for going to Oregon recently was to attend the wedding of Mark's niece, Sarah. The festivities started out with a rehearsal dinner cookout on Friday evening in the back yard of Sarah's parent. Pictured below are Mark and his four siblings, their mother, and Mark's paternal uncle and his wife. 

Mark giving the photographer the eye

Mark talking to two of his grand-nephews, Gavin and Kyle

Cedric, Mark's grand-nephew

Next on the agenda was wedding day. The service was held in the same Lutheran church in Sandy, Oregon (pictured above) where Mark's father had been pastor for many years. Though he is gone now, each of Mark's sisters and two of his nieces, including Sarah, have now been married there. Mark took advantage to tell stories of his youth to Nathan about goings on in his dad's church as well as the parsonage next door. Let's just say that Mark had a somewhat wilder youth than did I.

The happy couple, Sarah and Chris

The reception was at an outdoor venue not far from Sandy. The weather turned out great, and even a bit *too* sunny. We actually had wonderful weather for the entire trip, which in the Pacific Northwest, is saying a lot.

Our son Nathan came along and made himself helpful at the reception by taking on various chores. His favorite, however, was pouring pitchers of beer for the bar tender who actually served it. In the above photo, he is talking to Mark's oldest nephew.

Below is Mark with his uncle's only grandchild. Louis and his mother came in from Montreal for the event. Uncle Bob is in the background. He and his wife have lived in West Vancouver for over 40 years. I passed very near their house dozens of times when I lived in Vancouver from the mid-80's to the mid-90's.

The reception was a lot of fun. Mark and I even got to dance (see lead photo.)

The next morning, a brunch was held at Sarah's parent's home for the two sides of Sarah's extended family. More food. More visiting.

Nathan really hit it off with Sarah's brother, David, standing at left. 

In between brunch and a final family cookout that Sunday, Mark and I managed to get a ride in along the Columbia River. Once again, the weather was spectacular.

On Sunday afternoon, the Stewart Family (my daughter Hannah, her husband Cary and their daughter Hazel) arrived. We had arranged for them to drive down from British Columbia to meet us in Portland, then go to the coast for a couple of days. Hannah had already met most of the members of Mark's family at our commitment ceremony last August, but there were several present she had not met, nor had they met Cary.

Uncle Nathan had fun with Hazel.

I loved the saying on her shirt: "Let's go on an adventure!"

Four family birthdays ended up being celebrated that evening, including Mark's 60th. Mark's "cake" was a huckleberry pie - Mark's favorite - made by his mom.

Mark, two of his grand-nephews, Gavin and Cedric, wait for pie.  It look's like Hazel is helping herself.

Hazel and "Papa"

It was a wonderful weekend full of family and fun. I look forward to the next time the family gathers.

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