Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 12: Castellane

After nearly bonking yesterday, I took a rest day yesterday while Mark went out on the ride. We both enjoyed our days. I blogged in the morning, then went out for a stroll around the old village where I took some pictures with my iPhone and picked up some souvenirs. Then it clouded over and rained, so I went back to the hotel, re-emerging a couple of hours later to take another stroll with Mark's camera. I then had a delightful lunch with a couple on the tour from Salt Lake before heading back to the hotel to await Mark's return.

The parish church just off the square

Detail of the painting above the church doors. I commented that Jesus looks like a stoned hippy. Mark's comment: "He looks like he's being strangled."

Detail of the church door

I had another one of those experiences where I happened to look up and saw this plaque. It turns out there were at least three more on buildings near the square. Each thanks a person who "died gloriously for the liberation of Castellane" in August 1944.

At this gate on 31 January 1586, a bunch of women held off an invading Protestant army during the French religious wars. A nearby historical plaque states that a woman named Judith Andrau poured a cauldron of boiling tar on the captain of the invaders, saving the day.

Our hotel

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