Saturday, September 6, 2014

Castellane: The Doors of Carriero Sant Vitour

Castellane is a really small place. Really. One wouldn't expect there to be too many photo ops in a little village in the mountains. I certainly didn't. But as I started walking up the "Carriero Sant Vitour" (which I assume is the Provençal, which in French is "Rue Saint-Victor"), I started to notice the doors and the door knockers. Each one was different from the next. So I started taking pictures. As this post shows the result.

I liked this one because of the doggie door.

There were two things that attracted me to this door. First, it's blue. Second, the door knocker (pictured below)

C'est tout.


  1. Amazing pictures. Any one of them would be excellent as a blog background. In fact, there are a couple similar to your pics that are in the blogger template. You are very talented. For some reason, the top door was my favorite. Hope you continue to have a great trip in France. I am SO jealous- that is one country I would LOVE to visit but have not yet had the chance. Some day, I hope.