Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hanging Loose

Yesterday was all about just hangin'. The day started with the obligatory one-time visit to the Kihei Cafe for breakfast. I had one of their signature dishes, pancakes with coconut and pineapple topping, pictured below. I made it through about half of what was on the plate. Mark was more disciplined: he had the "Atkins Omelette."

Breakfast was followed by heading to the beach down the street. Mark swam laps, doing a couple of miles while I sat own the beach and wrote yesterday's post. Later, we joined the rest of the family at the other end of the beach. Mark's brother-in-law had rented some long boards that all the family was trying. We gave it a go, too. While neither of us managed to stand upright for more than a split second, I did eventually get to the point where I could kneel and paddle around. It was a respectable showing.

At mid-day, Mark, Nathan and I drove over to Paia on the other side of the island. PaiaHad lunch, walked around, did the Paia thing. I saw the above-pictured sign at a small souvenir shop. The lead photo, above, is of dragon fruit and was taken at a natural foods store in town.

The pictures below were taken at a Buddhist stupa in town. One enters the stupa and walks the metal thing in the middle around, each full rotation causing a bell to chime and the prayers offered in the stupa to be released.

The highlight of the day was the late afternoon and early evening, when the family gathers to play, talk and watch the sunset. It is a magical time of day.

Mark's sister Sarah (right) with her daughter, Megan

Mark's nephew, Andrew

Mark's nieces, Marina and Rachel

The hippest dog on the beach

Mark (right) and his brother Tim

Nathan on Kalama Beach

Mark, Rebecca and her husband Rick on Kalama Beach

Mark and Nathan building what could loosely be called a sand castle

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