Monday, September 2, 2013

Maui Saturday: Little Beach Vibe

Saturday was a lovely day at the beach. The weather in the morning was calm and clear, the water peaceful, the sun bright. It was one of those mornings that I knew would be perfect and so should be cherished. 

We were greeted on the beach by a lone guitar player perched above the beach on a fallen tree. 

Of this man, Mark wrote to a friend: "It also never fails that an interesting character appears with regularity on the beach usually from, as Joseph calls them, the tree people. There is a contingent of people that live for weeks just on the periphery of the beach up in the trees. I suspect that the community of "tree people" got its start here back in the 60's because most look like they could be hippies because of their long stringy hair and full beards. Being naked, it's almost impossible to find a reference to identify 2013. Case in point the guitar man. He is a blonde Jesus. Very tanned and fit. Last night he was standing in the surf playing his guitar and this morning he was up in a tree playing."

This would be a day of other firsts on Little Beach. About mid-morning, we saw a couple of gay dads come over to our area of the beach with their daughter who appeared to be about two years old. The dads were naked like everyone else, while the little girl played happily in her pink swimsuit.

Another first was seeing a gay black couple on the beach. We had seen mixed-race couples on other trips, but this was the first time we had seen a black couple. They did not appear to be American in origin; I'm guessing the Caribbean or perhaps elsewhere. 

It was interesting to watch these men as well as some of the numerous other young gays on the beach, both the couples and the men who were accompanied by their "fag hags." For one thing, it was interesting to see how long it took some of them to shed their swimming suits. Like the black couple who wore theirs for hours, then finally shucked them toward mid-afternoon. Or the young couple from London, England (I asked) who did the same thing. Or the kids from San Diego (someone else asked) - a group of 4-5 young gay men with several female companions - more and more of whom gradually became more comfortable being naked.

Mark and I both take our journals to the beach, and I spend the better part of the morning writing.

The morning sun comes up and over Haleakala, casting its glow on the palms outside our condo. (Mark's picture)

Haleakala as we left our condo to head to the beach - unusual to see the whole mountain this clearly (Mark's picture).

Morning glory (Mark's picture).

Mark meditating first thing in the morning

A group of Portuguese fishermen set up their lines on Little Beach near sunset (Mark's picture).

"Love is fundamentally honest. It doesn't try for an outcome;
it doesn't wish it had a different moment from the one it 
has now or different people from the ones it is with.
Love trusts that it is not separate from the world
because it is the world."

~ Quote by John Tarrant used in our commitment ceremony

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