Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Is the Hidden Gay Agenda?

There has been much written over the past few days about the "hidden gay agenda." Here are my thoughts about what the hidden gay agenda consists of:

To learn to love oneself rather than despising oneself

To learn to accept oneself completely, rather than utterly reject oneself

To learn to own and celebrate one’s own unique gift to life instead of 
hiding one’s light in a closet.

To encourage oneself and others to embrace life, rather than fear it

To learn to be tolerant of others and to extend that gift to oneself 

To learn to celebrate diversity, rather than fear it

To learn to experience first hand the love of God 
instead of feeling condemned by God

To encourage others to allow themselves be loved by God, just as they are

To offer to others what gay people have learned 
on their journey through life as an “other”

To bring fresh and beautiful meaning to the concept of “family”

To bring families together, rather than tearing them apart

To open minds and hearts that may have been closed 
to the beauty of the world around them

To share the gift of authenticity and empowerment with countless numbers 
of non-gay people who live in closets of fear, low self-esteem,
ignorance of self and shallow relationships

Within religious communities, to challenge oneself and others 
to look at and use the Bible as an instrument of love 
rather than oppression, hatred and fear

Within Mormon families, to present opportunities 
to look at the concept of family 
in a way that is reflective of relationships, 
rather than ritual 

BTW, the lead picture is of my partner Mark and his grand-nephew sharing a popsicle