Monday, June 16, 2014

Vacation: Arches and Moab

So the day after the Bryce Canyon incident, Mark and I girded up our loins and took the kids to Arches National Park. On the way to the trail head for Delicate Arch, we drove by some amazing scenery. As I said to Mark, my eyes tend to glaze over when someone starts talking about geology, and I think that's mainly because it has always been presented (to me at least) in very boring terms. This period. That period. What does it all mean?

But I am fascinated by not only what I saw in southern Utah but what I see every time we go cycling in one of the canyons along the Wasatch Front. Each canyon - to me anyway - seems to have its own unique geology, look and feel. But the varied landscapes we saw on our trip to southern Utah are amazing - and took hundreds of millions of years to form. It boggles my mind to think about how relatively short - understatement - the period of recorded history is on our planet compared to the age of these formations, these mountains, these canyons.

If I wait long enough, however, the desire to know more passes, and I'm back to just enjoying what I am looking at.

To reach Delicate Arch, you drive to a trail head and then hike for 1.5 miles back to the Arch. We were apprehensive about how well the kids would do - mentally more than physically - after the Bryce Canyon experience. But they did well. Looking for lizards helped. As did the promise of ice cream back in Moab. We stopped by the Moab Cafe more than once last week.

We rented a condo while we were in Moab, and that was perfect for us. Three bedrooms, family room, kitchen, large patio and a pool down the street. The only way to go - it's cheaper than a hotel and it sure beats camping (at least in my book).

Dad's exhausted after a long day, while the kids keep going strong

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