Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pure Happiness

Yesterday was our first full day of family vacation. We splurged and brought the kids to Maui, completely surprising them. It was and is so worth it. It was their first time on a plane and the first time they've seen open ocean.

Mark, the "wave doctor" took each one of the kids individually into the surf to give them a basic lesson on how to handle waves.

I was amazed at how fearless the children were. I had expected at least some level of fear and anxiety, but we couldn't get them out of the water, not that we tried. My youngest son was being repeatedly tossed about as the waves rolled in. His response: "That's what I'm all about - being tossed around." I had initially expressed a degree of anxiety of my own on their behalf and suggested they simply play at the water's edge. This same son's response: "I didn't come here to play in the sand. I came here to play in the water."

First game of paddleball

A budding movie star

Speaking of movie star ...

I had to end with this picture. Pure happiness.

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