Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Landscape of Cancer: Where We're At

We're here in Silverthorne, Colorado, elevation 9000+ feet. We came to do some cycling, but between the rainy weather and other factors, we've only gotten in one ride on this trip. "Other factors" refers to Mark's cancer.

Back in January, I first wrote about Mark's pelvic pain in a location where a bony mass was detected when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. The pain manifested itself for the first time after returning from a trip to Maui. It eased off during the next couple of months, but it has become more intense and more persistent since then. 

Within the last month, Mark has realized that he can no longer use the elliptical at the gym. Now, it has become apparent that he will likely have to give up cycling. These are bitter pills to swallow for a man who has been very active his entire life. Nevertheless, he remains philosophical and positive, as do I. There is so much life to live, and we are more fortunate than others have been.

Meanwhile, we spend our time in other pursuits before Mark's family reunion starts on Friday. Mark's painting and sketching. My writing. Our reading. Last night, we had a wonderful dinner with a group of friends from Mark's ski patrol days at Copper Mountain back in the 80's. Tonight, we will drive to Denver and have dinner with a good friend there. Life is good.

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