Thursday, September 24, 2015

Amsterdam Foodie Tour With Jelte

Apple Pie. Broodje pom. Baka bana. Osseworst. Grillworst. Herring. Kibbeling. Licorice. Cheese. Wine. Bitterballen. Beer. Poffertjes.

These items were on the menu today as we wended our way through the streets of the Joordan District and the canals of Amsterdam under the extremely capable direction of our guide, Jelte. Side dishes included historical and cultural information provided by him that added texture and depth to our tour.

Buildings across the canal from our apartment

Bell tower of the Westerkerk (West Church) visible from just down the street. It has been its bells that we have heard chiming, clinging, clanging and bonging so delightfully.

Our meeting place and first stop was Cafe Papeneiland that for generations has been owned by a Tiel Netel. They're all named Tiel. (That way, they don't have to change the sign.) The building dates from 1641. Tiel, well, he goes back a bit, but not that far. His grandson made the apple pie that was, well, amazing. Bill Clinton visited a few years back and took a whole pie back to his hotel. It isn't known whether he shared it with anyone in his entourage.

Grandpa Tiel was so amenable to having his picture taken. Grandson Tiel, not so much. I didn't notice what his apron said until, well, later. Um, not so much.

Loved Grandpa Tiel's pie, which is apparently made with great-great-something grandma's recipe. The crust was amazing, as well as the filling. So was the decor of their place, in which the locals celebrate "gezelligheid" (loosely translated as a warm, cheerful feeling - something Mark and I are feeling as I work on this post).

From apple pie, we moved on to Surinam sandwiches. Specifically, broodje pom - a sandwich made from chicken and a bunch of really good stuff and spices. This was my second favorite food of the tour (after apple pie). Also loved the baka ban, which is fried plantain (bananas) with satay (peanut) sauce -representing a mixture of Dutch Indonesia and Dutch Surinam (which is located on the northern shoulder of South America). 

From there, it was on to the butcher shop, where we sampled a couple of Dutch sausages: ossenworst and grillworst. We preferred the grillworst.

Thence to the fish monger, where we sampled herring (a first for me). Jelte asked who was a "herring virgin." I raised my hand. It's the first time in a long time that I've been acknowledged as a virgin. Ahem. We also sampled kibbeling - deep-fried pieces of cod - before moving down the street to the licorice shop.

Jelte towers over us

Maritze (sp?) extolling the virtues of licorice. Umm, I was unconvinced.

From the licorice shop, we made our way onto a "salon boat." We boarded, then set off for an hour-long canal tour of Amsterdam while we were given the opportunity to sample wine and cheese, then beer and bitterballen (deep fried beef and gravy ... oh, so, so, good). On the way to the boat, we passed the Westerkerk.

Once off the boat, we headed to Cafe de Prins on the Prinsengracht for poffertjes, which are tiny little pancakes. Yum, yum and yum.

We only wish we had time for the foodie tour that takes in a complete Indonesian meal. Today's tour was fantastic, and we heartily recommend it to those who visit Amsterdam.

Tomorrow, museums.

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