Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rüdesheim and the Mighty Rhine

Yesterday started in Rüdesheim, Germany on the banks of the Rhine River. The town is famous for its Riesling wines, apparently. We started off our visit by going to a mechanical musical instrument museum. I had my doubts about it beforehand, but it turned out to be quite interesting.

We were then free to browse in shops and, if we chose, take a cable car up the hill behind the town. It was a cloudy day, but the colors of the vinyards and trees were still stunning.

There was yet another Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store in Rudesheim. I saw a couple of ornaments on a "Bavaria tree," and decided to get them. "Spatzl" is the word in the Bavarian dialect for "sweetheart" - something I didn't know until we'd already left Bavaria. They had ornaments that featured a couple holding a heart with the word on it, and they had both a man ornament and a woman ornament saying the same thing. 

I had to ask an assistant to remove the ornaments I wanted off the tree. I told her I wanted the man, which she removed. I then said I wanted another one. "The woman you mean?" she asked. "No," I replied, "another man." She nodded and removed another man ornament, not batting an eye. The ornaments are kinda corny, but I'll laugh every time I look at them on the tree.

This pic is for you, Phyllis.

From Rudesheim, we headed up the Rhine, sailing for several hours past scenes like those in the pictures below. Today, we're in Cologne, and we'll be back in Amsterdam tomorrow morning. On Sunday, we fly home.

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