Monday, July 10, 2017

Ciao to Italia, Bonjour to France

We left our gorgeous hotel in Santa Teresa di Gallura yesterday morning and headed out for a short but somewhat grueling loop ride through the maquis (scrub). As I've noted before, these rides are of a type I don't often experience in that they're rolly-polly instead of straight up and down. Because of this, I am often surprised when I check the elevation gain of the ride on my Garmin. Yesterday's ride was only 25 miles, but we climbed 2000 feet during the course of the ride, and at times the temperature approached 100 degrees in humid conditions. I'm not used to that.

The ladies of the tour at our morning break

Another thing I'm not used to is riding with other people. I cycled 1800 miles this year prior to leaving on this trip, and every one of those miles was ridden by myself. It's nice to be with other people, both on the road and in the evenings or on days off. 

Bob and me

After lunch in Santa Teresa, we boarded the ferry that would take us across the Strait of Bonifacio to Corsica, where we will spend the next five days cycling across the southern and western coasts of the island. 

The view from my hotel room in Bonifacio is a little different
than that in Santa Teresa.

View of an old cemetery from an upper window in our hotel

The harbor of Bonifacio

The limestone cliffs of Bonifacio

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