Friday, May 25, 2018

The Monastery of San Lorenzo

On the day we arrived in Padula, Italy, just inside Campania from Basilicata, we had the opportunity to take an evening tour of the former monastery of San Lorenzo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the largest monastery in Italy and contains the largest cloister in the world. My friend Bob and I had walked up to the town square for an Aperol Spritz beforehand, and for some reason our guide, Dana, announced before the tour that she expected us to all be on our best behavior for the guide that had been hired to show us the monastery. She said it to the group, but she was looking directly at me.

The view of the monastery as we descended into Padula.

And I was. On my best behavior, that is. I was too awed by what I saw to be anything but. As an amateur photographer, I was entranced by the arches, angles, angels and apses. (Okay, there weren't any apses, but I needed another "a" word for the alliteration to work.) What follows is my photographic essay on the Monastery di San Lorenzo (or Certosa di Padula, as it is called in Italian).

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