Monday, August 10, 2015

Portland With Family

We arrived in Portland on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with Mark's sister, Deb, and her husband, Neil. They hosted us Friday evening on the Willamette River in their boat, a new experience for us. 

Deb and Neil

Our daughter, Hannah, arrived on Saturday afternoon with her husband Cary and beautiful daughter, Hazel who could hardly believe it when she saw the playroom that Deb keeps for her grandchildren. Below, she's trying to explain to Mark that something is wrong with her dress-up dress. It took Deb to know immediately what the problem was. All that was needed was a clothes pin in the back to keep the dress together. By the end of the day, Hazel was calling Deb "Grandma."

Saturday Evening on the River

On Saturday evening, the extended Koepke/Zeller/Broom clan went out to eat on a barge on the Columbia River.

Hannah and Hazel

Cary and Hazel

The Stewart Family

Father and daughter

Sunday With the Family

Hazel and her "Rachel" Barbie

Mark and his grand-nephew Gavin on his tractor (which he drives)

Neil and Cary jamming on the patio

It was a great weekend, a great way to end our trip to the Pacific Northwest. Grateful for extended family. Grateful for my daughter's family. Grateful for the health Mark has. 

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