Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Landscape of Cancer: Of Pain, Art and Europe

The last time I wrote about Mark's cancer was six weeks ago. Since then, he has experienced increasing levels of pain and decreasing levels of energy. He is no longer able to do any sort of exercise, and in mid-July, we canceled our cycling trip to Italy in September.

Mark now spends most of his time on his art - painting, drawing, and sketching. He's quite talented, and he enjoys branching out and learning new techniques and working with different mediums. In July, he spent quite a bit of time on a drawing of himself and his sister, based on a photograph taken in 1955, just before the family moved to Japan. He presented it as a gift to his sister, Deb, when we were visiting in Portland earlier this month.

We cancelled out cycling trip, but we're still leaving for Europe on August 31st. We had to rearrange some things and fill up the time we would have spent cycling with other activities, but we're going. We will see some sights, and Mark will likely do some painting while I write or read. Mainly, however, we will simply enjoy each other's company, have fun and create memories amidst the beauty of Europe.


  1. Are you going to be anywhere near Switzerland?

  2. No, not this time. Italy and Croatia, then northern Europe.

  3. The landscape of cancer can be as beautiful as some places in Croatia, like Korcula or Plitvice, but it can also seem as stark as some of the most desolate places - but there is beauty everywhere. Such as the beauty you two have found in each other, and the art that is being created by Mark, thank you for sharing.