Thursday, August 10, 2017

Appenzell to Lenzerheide

Sometimes you just have to accept that you cannot go any further, whether because you're physically exhausted, mentally depleted, sleep-deprived or nutritionally challenged. All of these applied to me yesterday afternoon as we rode the steep climb from Chur over the Lenzerheide Pass to Lenzerheide. 

It was one of those many times that I missed Mark. He never would have allowed us to be picked up by the van for the last ten miles of the ride. He also would have provided much needed perspective and encouragement. But, alas, he wasn't. Nor was anyone else. And so, after 54 miles and 4200 feet of climbing, I accepted that I couldn't go any further, and I allowed (begged) the van to pick me up - but not before I had spread some of Mark's ashes at the beautiful spot pictured in the lead photograph above.


I had had only 3-1/3 hours of sleep on each of the two previous nights - a problem of adjusting to jet lag that I've never before experienced on these European trips - and I had simply run out of juice. With the help of a sleep aid provided by one of my new cycling buddies, I slept better last night. Today, we head up and over the Albula Pass, ending up in Zernez. The ride should be more manageable that yesterday's - 47 miles and 4600 feet. We're expecting rain this afternoon, however, so things might get a little interesting.

The "Gay Team" on our tour - Tom, me and John

A scene here in Lenzerheide yesterday afternoon

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  1. Drop-dead gorgeous photo of Lichtenstein. Absolutely stunning, wow!!!!!