Saturday, August 19, 2017


Though I had heard of this enchanted place, I admit to primarily associating the name with the character from the Harry Potter books who was young Dumbledore's friend before becoming his foe, the forerunner to He Who Shall Not Be Named. But not any longer. 

We arrived here Thursday afternoon, and Friday was a rest day. We were free to explore - to hike, to take one of many trams up mountainsides, to laze around or to go for a short ride up to Launterbrunnen. I, along with others, opted for the ride. It is an amazingly beautiful place, and we were blessed once again by the weather gods with stunningly beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

The Fensteraarhorn

The Eiger

Riding above Lauterbrunnen. The Jungfrau was visible to our left as we rode up. More stunning scenery.

Tom and me, yesterday evening during happy hour before the thunderstorm

View from my hotel window of the Wetterhorn after a thunderstorm rolled through yesterday evening.

This morning, we are off to Vitznau. We were originally going up and over the Grosse Scheidegge, but a thousand or so competitors in an ironman competition are heading up the other side. So we are being rerouted through Interlaken, then along the north shore of the Brienzerzee before continuing on to Vitznau. Our weather luck has temporarily run out, and it is raining. Should be an interesting day.

Today's route

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