Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disneyland: Day 2

Yesterday was our first full day in the park. Our morning was wonderful. Weather perfect, crowds not too bad, kids happy, dads well-medicated. We were able, through the boon of Fastpasses, to ride both the Indiana Jones ride (kids, including Mark, loved this) and Splash Mountain (see below), plus we went on the Jungle Cruise ride, explored Tarzan's Treehouse, and braved the Haunted Mansion before taking the train around the park to the entrance.

Yes, my eyes are closed in the above picture, but it wasn't due to fear. it was due to me getting fairly soaked.

After a very delicious and relaxing lunch, we headed back to the hotel where the kids swam and Mark and I took turns "centering" before we returned in the evening.

We headed back to the parks around 6:30 and decided to go into Disneyland's (comparatively) new sibling, Disney's California Adventure. Very different atmosphere. Lots of teens and adults. Levi, Aaron and I braved the huge roller coaster, which surprised me with how fast it was. Unlike traditional roller coasters that slowly climb the first big hill, this one blasted off like a rocket and never looked back.

Levi was petrified. I felt so badly for him.  But he was a trooper and eventually recovered, as did I ... eventually. Aaron claimed the ride was a piece of cake, but the following picture belies that.

Meanwhile, Esther and Mark rode a couple of gentler rides (see lead picture). There were no Faspasses left for other popular attractions, so we went back over to Disneyland. Which was much more crowded than it had been the previous night. We headed directly for Autopia in Tomorrowland, which is sort of like go carts on tracks.

Esther got to drive by herself because she was the only one tall enough. I rode with Levi while Aaron went with Mark.

After that Mark took the kids on a few gentler rides in Fantasyland while I talked on the phone with Rachel who had called me. By the time I got off it was time for fireworks which we watched from behind Cinderella's Castle. Then struggling through the massive crowds to get out of the park. Then ice cream, then bed. As Mark had commented as we walked back to the hotel, the day had seemed like two, but we survived ... And we had fun.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of you guys on the big, fast roller coaster is even better than the splash mountain one. I can't stop laughing! Aaron looks bored and mad about it, poor Levi looks so terrified, and you just look like you're trying to picture yourself somewhere else...LOL.