Sunday, December 27, 2015

Portland Foodie Tour

We made a date with Mark's sister, Sarah, when we were here at Thanksgiving: when we came back, she'd take us on a foodie tour of Portland. She made good on her promise yesterday. Before we left late morning, I had an opportunity to take some pictures of a clearly visible Mount Hood and of Deb's back yard. It occurred to me that my last Christmas spent in the Northwest was 20 years ago this year. I appreciated being back around the greenery.

Reflection in the man-made pond in their back yard

Mark and his nephew David

Our first stop yesterday was the St.-Honore Boulangerie where I had the best Croque-Monsieur, a delicious French "comfort food" sandwich made with brioche bread, ham and Emmental cheese. I've had these several times in France, most notably at a cafe after cycling up the Alpe d'Huez in the mountains southeast of Grenoble in August 2014.  

As tempting as all the pastries and breads looked - and they looked VERY tempting - we were instructed by Sarah not to get any. We would have dessert at our next stop. And what a dessert it was at Papa Haydn's Dessert.

I had the Raspberry Gâteau - a "fallen chocolate soufflé with bittersweet chocolate ganache ..."

From Papa Hadyn's it was on to liquid chocolate at Cacao.

Sarah had more stops planned, culminating in dinner at an Italian place, but Mark wasn't feeling well, so it was time to head home. We got cupcakes by takeout, then drove up 23rd again for ice cream. So many other places to try ... someday.

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