Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cycling to Lahaina; Sunset on Little Beach

We made our ride to Lahaina yesterday - 20 miles up, 20 miles back. It was a beautiful day, sunny, not too hot. In fact, it was pretty much a perfect ride, except for Mark's flat tire on the way up and the last few miles when we were riding directly into the fiercest headwind I've ever experienced. Mark jokingly called this part of the ride "the Dutch Mountains," referring to the Dutch cyclists we had met in the French Alps who said that was how they trained - riding into the winds off the North Sea.

Burning off sugar cane fields

The first flat of the season

The West Maui Mountains above Lahaina

Most of the ride was right along the ocean. I have been to Lahaina a number of times now, but this trip gave me a unique perspective on what I had already seen. The town was the royal capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom and is rich in history (which I wrote about here), but this trip was all about the sun, the fresh air, the ocean breezes and views and just seeing things from a different angle.

After we got back from our ride, we headed (somewhat later than usual) to Little Beach, where we planned to stay until sunset - typically around 7:00. It was a great afternoon and evening, with conversation with friends, older and newer, paddle ball and staring at the setting sun.

Our friends Troy and JP

Friends and acquaintances on Little Beach

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  1. I am envious that you are in Hawaii, that you get to see the amazing sunsets from the beach, and that you get to have some great bike rides.

    And, best of luck, and wonderful happiness on your wedding Tuesday evening. I hope it will be everything you hope it will be and more. :)