Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Marriage License; Cycling in Makena

Yesterday started off with a ride down past Little Beach into Ahihi-Kinau Natural Preserve. We rode past the Big Beach/Little Beach parking lot, past Wedding Beach and on to the lava field that comprises part of the Preserve. (I wrote about this area a couple of years ago. For more pictures of the area, go here.)

The lava field with the slopes of Haleakala in the distance.

It was a beautiful morning for a ride along the ocean. The lava mound above Little Beach is visible in the distance.

After our ride, we got ready and headed in Kihei to visit the marriage license agent. I guess because of the island geography of the entire state as well as each island, the state has elected to use licensed marriage agents instead of a centralized county clerk office.

The agent in Kihei (there are a half-dozen others scattered across the island) has a tiny office adjacent to her house (pictured below). As I looked around the office at the bride and groom teddy bears and the pictures on the walls, I wondered how long it would be before this agent decided it is time to put up at least one token picture of a gay wedding and another of a lesbian wedding. As it happened, a lesbian couple arrived at the same time we did. Interesting. 

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