Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life's a Beach

We haven't been doing much the last few days except a bit of cycling and relaxing on the beach. We started an upcountry ride the other day, but my body was having none of it that day. Yesterday, we went for a 20-mile ride and then cancelled it all out by going for breakfast at the Kihei Caffe, where we shared an omelette and a stack of pancakes with pineapple and coconut topping. Decadent. 

This was the first time we have eaten out since arriving here. We started going to the Caffe a couple of years ago, and it became sort of a tradition. But yesterday was the last time. If we ever come to Maui again, no more Kihei Caffe. It's just not worth how we feel afterwards.

Which brings up the subject of food, which has been on my mind. I've started writing a post about my relationship with food and exercise throughout my life, but I am still cogitating about what I want to say and how I want to say it. 

Otherwise, we've just been hanging out on Little Beach, and it's been very relaxing. If I haven't mentioned it so far, Little Beach is a "clothing optional" beach. I wrote several posts about it a couple of years ago, two of which can be found here and here. That was the first time I came to Hawaii/Maui, and everything around me was a revelation, providing lots of material for my blogging. Last year, by contrast, I didn't publish a single post about our spring trip here, mainly because we had just found out about Mark's cancer diagnosis, and I really didn't feel like writing.

Our days here are counting down now. We've given up the notion of riding up Haleakala as simply unrealistic at this stage of our training. We do, however, intend to ride the West Maui loop (65 miles) on Sunday. Meanwhile, there's more reading to be done ... 

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