Monday, August 4, 2014

San Francisco Treats

Our day yesterday began and ended with meals with friends. In between, we did some sight-seeing  with our son, Nathan, and a LOT of walking. It was a wonderful day to be alive. 

Well, we did take one street car in the morning. This one is from Milan, Italy. Really cool interior.

Outside Brenda's French Soul Food

My breakfast: cream cheese-stuffed French toast with blueberry compote, roasted pecans and maple syrup.
Couldn't come close to finishing it.

Breakfast with our friends, Kurt and Julia and their son Charlie

Sign seen in the window of the United Church of Christ

After breakfast, we took Nathan to see Grace Cathedral (with its AIDS Chapel), Chinatown and Fishermen's Wharf

At Buena Vista Cafe - the birthplace of Irish Coffee in the United States

The house special

Walking down to the Castro with our son, Nathan

Picture of the Castro taken from Corona Heights Park, which rises behind the condo where we are staying.

Dinner with friends, congratulating Chris and Jason on their engagement

It was a fun evening.

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