Sunday, August 24, 2014

Food and Humans of Europe: Nous Sommes Arrivés!

We have arrived (in the land of good food).

We had the most delicious meal at our hotel-chain hotel on Friday night since arriving in France last Tuesday. I do believe that the appetizer and dessert were two of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

My appetizer is pictured above. O ... M ... G... It was billed (in English) as "puffed pastry filled with tomatoes in honey, duck and aubergine caviar." I suspect something was lost in translation, but the cherry tomatoes were some of the most delicious I have ever tasted. The little puff pastry wafers were heavenly. But what was oh so yummy was the "caviar" (paste). So, so good; and the balsamic added the finishing touch. 

Mark and I both had the "spaghetti" with Bolognese sauce, which turned out to be linguine, but who I am to quibble over pasta.

It tasted good and was filling.

The pièce de résistance, however, was my dessert: Tiramisu framboise (raspberry tiramisu). This was perhaps the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted. I'm going to have to work on my foodie language. I don't have a lot of experience in this area. All I know is that is was d... good. Lovely. Delicate, yet hearty. Sweet, yet ... oh hell ... it was really good.

Now I get to the Humans of Europe part of this post. The little boy seated at the table next to us with his mother and older sister. With his blonde hair, mustard-colored shirt and green pants, he looked  a bit like a sweet pea. Not everyone can pull off that color combination. 

What made him cute is that he was perplexed by the way in which we (I) were switching back and forth between English and French. He really didn't know quite what to make of us. Thus the look on his face.

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