Friday, August 1, 2014

On Our Way to San Francisco

After nine hours on the road yesterday, we arrived in South Lake Tahoe, and Mark and I headed out on a ride soon after we checked in. He needed 25 more miles to reach his goal of 1000 miles in July, and I needed a total of 58 miles to be able to reach my goal of 1000 miles by the end of tomorrow afternoon (i.e., after the century ride). We compromised at 36 miles yesterday, and I got in the additional 23 this morning. I'm not really a "goal" person, but there you have it.

We ate dinner at an "Irish" pub named after a famous Scottish family - Macduff's. The fish and chips were decadent and satisfyingly good, as was the beer, which I rarely drink. (I'm carb loading in advance of our 100-mile ride tomorrow.)

Walking the dogs on the beach after dinner

I just thought this was a cool picture


It is now late Friday afternoon and we are ensconced in our ground floor VRBO apartment on Roosevelt Way above the Castro. In a few minutes, we'll take the street car all the way up Market Street to meet our friends for dinner. It's about 66 degrees out and windy. I love being here.

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