Sunday, November 8, 2015

"I Would Never Do That, Dad"

"I would never do that, Dad."

I had called my 13-year-old son yesterday morning on our way home from visiting relatives and friends in Colorado. We were concerned whether our youngest four children had heard anything about the new Mormon policy that denies rituals and blessings of the church to children who have a parent living in a "same-gender relationship."

"Yeah," Aaron replied, "I heard something about it. One of my friends told me that since I have a gay dad, I can't go in." 

"Can't go in where?" I asked. 


"You mean, he thought you couldn't go to church?"


This was precisely why I wanted to talk to the kids as soon as possible. I explained the new policy to Aaron as best I could and told him we'd talk more on Tuesday when we would have the kids over to our house.

I asked if my youngest son, Levi, was around. Aaron went to get him.

"Hi, Dad!" Levi exclaimed. He was outside raking leaves. After some small talk, including whether or not the Infinity 3.0 Star Wars action figure he had asked us to order with some of his allowance money had arrived, I asked him if he had heard anything about the new policy.

"Yeah," he replied. "Something about I can't get baptized because I have a gay dad; but I'm already baptized, so it doesn't matter."

I explained the full ramifications of the policy, telling him that he wouldn't be able to be ordained to any offices in the priesthood (which would normally start when he turns 12 next year) until he is 18, and then he'd have to say that Mark and I's marriage is bad.

"Oh," he replied. Pause. "I would never do that, Dad."

I cannot imagine anything sweeter in the world than hearing my 11-year-old son say that.

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