Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Invictus Pilgrim Memoir Post #5: "This Is My First Post Anywhere About My SGA"


"This is my first post anywhere about my SGA ...

"A bit of background. I am Mormon, I am married, and I have struggled with an attraction to men all my life. I told my wife about this before we got married, believing that I had to be honest with her.  “It” then went into deep background. “It” was and has always been there, but pushed way, way back into the closet.

"Fast-forwarding, something happened to me when I heard President Packer’s talk a few weeks ago. Rather than pushing “it” even further away, however, I did just the opposite: His comments made me want to reach way back in the closet and embrace my same gender attraction ... I decided that I was going to try to affirm who I was and am, even if to no one but myself. 

"Thus began a process of trying to discover who the man is who has been hiding behind his extremely carefully maintained mask (false persona) all these years ..."

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