Friday, November 13, 2015

Invictus Pilgrim Memoir Post #1: It Is Our Goodness That Threatens

Five years ago at this time, I was just beginning the process of coming out. I am now working on a memoir that will cover that year of my life. I've decided to post snippets of blog posts and private correspondence as a I go along to help motivate me to keep working away at it.

Here's the first, from an email to me from the man who I dubbed my "Gay Priesthood Leader," a gay man who was formerly Mormon and married and who provided tremendous support to me as I was coming out. His words seem particularly relevant in light of the LDS Church's new anti-gay policy:
"Gay people are first and foremost people, with all the good and bad that that entails. The tremendous religious prejudice against us is way, way, way off the mark. We are more thoughtful, more mature and more ethical than thinkers like Pres. Packer can ever imagine. Perhaps that's why we are such a threat to the order of things in the LDS world. It's our goodness that threatens more than our dissipation." 
~ 11/10/2010

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